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Shanghai Yigang Supply Chain Co., Ltd. (Easy Steel China) was founded with the mission of supplying head and expansion joints. With over a decade of experience in designing and production of joints, enables us to offer an array of bellows suitable for all applications. Over the last ten years, we have built robust expertise and a technical base that enable us to handle complex tasks. We are the leading head and expansion joint supplier in China.

Easy Steel China is a group of engineers, sales professionals, and diploma holders who are passionate about flawless client service and quality joint manufacturing.

We carry large and reliable stock of bellows elements, Hastelloy alloy, head joints, steel coils, and other alloy materials. That means we can manufacture heads and joints to suit client requirements with a quick turnaround.

Head and Expansion Joint Supplier in China

We have significantly invested in manufacturing equipment, CAD software, and a flawless management system to make sure we are always on top of efficiency and quality. We have a reliable quality system and ISO 9001:2008 certification. The certification ensures we carry on improvement in our business processes.

Easy Steel China can handle various clients’ projects with different complexity levels. As an experienced Head and expansion joint supplier, we offer metal fabrication from engineering and design, laser cutting to fabricated finished parts.

We also have highly skilled staff who determine the efficient, cost-effective, and secured approach for completing every project that is undertaken.

We understand the significance of an expansion joint plays in our success. Our group of engineers design every head and expansion joint to sustain the toughest circumstances. Also, our precision fabrication makes sure our product can last longer.

In any business environment, timeliness is key. At Easy Steel China, we make sure all orders are delivered on time. As China’s leading head and expansion joint supplier, we closely monitor for quality with real-time tracking. Emergency delivery is available too; if required in case of breakdown.


We can supply expansion joint followed by relevant standards, technical specifications including EJMA standard “EJMA”, “American Society of mechanical engineers”, “ASME” and “GB and others are strictly implemented.

Thick-walled expansion joint, Rotary compensator, Sleeve compensator.
Max. Diameter: no more than ID.4500mm
Max. Thickness: no more than 50mm

● Stainless steel:304,304L,310S,316,316L, 317L,321, 347
● Duplex steel : 2205, 2507
● Nickel alloy: NO2200, NO2201, N044009, N066003, N06625, N077183, N08020, N08800, N08810, N08811, N08825, N08904, N08926
● Hastelloy: N06022,N10276 N10665,N010675

Max. Thickness:
Thick-walled expansion joint, Rotary compensator, Sleeve compensator.
MAX. DIAMETER: No more than I D.4500mm MAX. THICKNESS: No more than 50mm

Head & Expansion joints
Shanghai Yigang Supply Chain Co.,Ltd, located in No.101 West Youyi road, Baoshan district, Shanghai, China as headquarter is a comprehensive company integrating trade from Nanjing, Dalian, Chengdu and Wuxi branch office and Suzhou factory offer steel parts.

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