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Shanghai Yigang Supply Chain Co., Ltd. (Easy Steel China) is a sought-after manufacturer of China duplex 2205/2507 plate. We have expertise in the manufacturing of steel and inventory management at the same.

After 10 years of sustainable development as a China rolled clad plate supplier, our company has formed an entire production and operation system of refining and heat treatment.

Our Offerings

We use high-grade raw materials to produce:

  • China rolled clad plate
  • Nickel alloy plate N08800/N08825
  • China 304/316 plate
  • China Duplex 2205/2507 Plate
  • Stainless steel plate sheet
  • Sheet N06600/N06625
  • China Nickel alloy sheet
  • China Nickel alloy bar

All of these are delivered to our clients with test certificates and following NACE MR-01-75. We are well-known in the energy industry as a preferred manufacturer and supplier of a stainless steel plate sheet and every China 304/316 plate.

Easy Steel China is committed to providing high-quality products, such as China rolled clad plate and Nickel alloy plate N08800/N08825, to both domestic and international markets. WE are one of the top companies in China, with over 25,000 square meters of factory space and a stock of 20 steel-related products.

China Duplex 2205/2507 Plate Manufacturer

To provide solid grounds for our clients, we use a complex manufacturing model for Nickel alloy plate N08800/N08825 and all other products.

These models provide us with an efficient resource for resolving optimization problems such as assessing shift structures and testing our clients’ patience. Our experts provide them with products and related advice; especially for China 304/316 plate.

We have enough resources in the domestic market. Also, we enjoy a decent reputation along with the international market demand for stainless steel products including the stainless steel plate sheet.

Our aim remains to offer our clients products that are tailored and suit their requirements. We also operate as a global China duplex 2205/2507 plate provider for overseas clients.

We cater to wide orders on our platform. Our focus on quality remains the key; which helps us to be among the best Sheet N06600/N06625 suppliers.

Our company’s environment is dynamic, ensuring maximum focus on distinct units and verticals to provide proper assistance, high quality, productivity, industrial expertise, and specialized professionals to our clients. Our combination of expert skills, efforts, and work experience has resulted in our company growing at an astounding rate toward its corporate goals.

High-Quality China Nickel Alloy Sheet Supplier

As a growth-oriented Sheet N06600/N06625 supplier, we intend to set up the client by acquiring specialists who have a sense of enthusiasm and dependability as part of their work ethics.

We know how to manufacture China Nickel alloy sheet and other products as per market demand. Our customer-friendliness takes us to more clients.

We are in China, and we have easy access to transportation. Our manufacturing facility has extensive experience selling and stocking Sheet N06600/N06625 and other products. Easy Steel China has a skilled sales and marketing team that can accurately detect instruments and cutting machines.

We cater to various customers and their multiple needs. At the same time, we offer competitive pricing for our China Nickel alloy sheet and other products to make our mark in the international stainless steel industry.

Plates Sheets & Coils
Shanghai Yigang Supply Chain Co.,Ltd, located in No.101 West Youyi road, Baoshan district, Shanghai, China as headquarter is a comprehensive company integrating trade from Nanjing, Dalian, Chengdu and Wuxi branch office and Suzhou factory offer steel parts.

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