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Shanghai Yigang Supply Chain Co., Ltd. (Easy Steel Cash) is a leading and fastest-growing Nickel Alloy Pipe Manufacturer in China. We have all the resources, both human and technical, to keep expanding and offering the products that satisfy you and your customers.

We are rated as among China’s largest Chinese nickel alloy pipe traders, suppliers, and exporters of nickel alloy pipes. We have the expertise in producing and distributing different forgings and pipe fittings and flanges to China and overseas for urgent and standard requirements.

We offer quality pipe N10276/N04400 that is manufactured, trialed, and conformed to Chinese and International Standards. Due to our Quality Control (QC) department, we can produce and offer quality pipes in and outside China.

Best Chinese Stainless Steel Pipe Manufacturer

We strive to produce quality Chinese nickel alloy pipe and China nickel alloy bar while meeting the most stringent demands of reputable industrial clients for a wide range of sizes, grades, applications, and specifications in accordance with ASTM standards.

Each item including the Pipe N10276/N04400 is examined and tested independently. So, there is no chance of any defect or problem.

We hold enough stock of Chinese nickel alloy pipe for various construction clients. We do this to hand over the exact product in agreed time as per the need. As a Stainless steel pipe manufacturer, we offer steel pipes that offer enough resistance to corrosion that might be attacked swiftly by environments.

We always make sure our steel remains away from corrosion for the maximum time possible. That’s the main aspect that buyers keep coming to us as a reliable Stainless steel pipe manufacturer.

Why Choose Us


As a quality Stainless steel pipe manufacturer, we have the vision to provide our customers with steel pipes that should be appreciated due to their structural expertise and high strength. As a quality steel company, we focus to establish loyalty and commitment by having experts onboard that work with passion and reliability. Passion plus expertise is always a deadly combination.


As a Stainless steel pipe manufacturer, we also adhere to International Grade/Standards such as DIN, EN, ASME, NFA, and JIS, among others. Easy Steel Cash specializes in providing a variety of products such as head and expansion joints, Hastelloy alloy, flanges, and fittings, and rolled clad plates.

Professional Environment

At Easy Steel, we have the best production environment. Everyone helps and guides one another so that the company as a whole performs better. We have a group of dedicated people who work well together and never let anyone down.

So, either you need a Pipe N10276/N04400 or flanges or any other product that we offer, we assure quality, robustness, and resistance to corrosion. Contact us to know more.

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Shanghai Yigang Supply Chain Co.,Ltd, located in No.101 West Youyi road, Baoshan district, Shanghai, China as headquarter is a comprehensive company integrating trade from Nanjing, Dalian, Chengdu and Wuxi branch office and Suzhou factory offer steel parts.

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